Welcome to SportsViz - Advanced technology for Data-Visualization, GPS/Accelerometer/Magnetometer measurement, Video analysis, software and bespoke solutions.

If you are a sports analyst, coach or athlete looking to take performance to the next level, then SportsViz could be the partner to give you the competitive edge.

SportsViz is a spinout company of Swansea University formed to take our world-leading research and put it in the hands of leading sports practitioners to help them analyse and better understand their performance and training.

We are a team of highly skilled scientists who can deliver solutions that meet your performance analysis needs. By combining the best of Computer Science with the application of advanced Sports Science, we deliver technological advances that help you gather the data that really matters about performance and then transform this into usable information from which you can make the decisions that really effect performance.

Our mission is to break the cycle of spreadsheet based numerical analysis that is quickly drowning sports analysis in a fog of meaningless numbers. Video, Accelerometer and GPS based solutions are key new tools for providing athletes with a comprehensive performance analysis. SportsViz understands these technologies, and develops technological solutions to capture and visualize this data into useable solutions for coaches and athletes.

From high-speed video capture, to three dimensional motion analysis, from player bio-mechanics, to statistical and notational analysis, our team have experience in a vast range of areas that all impact for sports performance analysis. By uniting expertise in sports science, computer science, and professional sporting industries. SportsViz understand what is required in sports performance analysis and can deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs.

Originally formed  as a collaborative research project between Swansea University and the Welsh Government, over several years SportsViz has worked with many leading sporting organisations, including the Welsh Rugby Union, Quintic Consultancy and Terry Griffiths Snooker. Over this time technological advances have been delivered that have proven to make an incredible impact on sporting performance. By creating SportsViz Ltd this ground breaking research and world-class team of scientists is now accessible to clients on a commercial basis.