Consultancy and Research – Collaboration with SportsViz

Sportsviz welcomes the opportunity to engage in applied research with sports clubs, teams, companies and industrial collaborators. There are a broad range of ways to do this, each of which can be tailored to the needs of individual groups and companies and the specific objectives in hand. Consultancy is often appropriate for very short term requirements, but we can consider establishing larger research projects to investigate longer term needs. Sportsviz has two main objectives as a spinout company:

  • To provide data analytics services to users in the field of sports and exercise.
  • To apply cutting-edge computer science research to solutions for sport and exercise.

We are always happy to have informal discussions or to set up a visit to the Swansea University Bay Campus so that interested parties can meet with members of our staff to discuss potential collaborations or receive a small amount of free discussion of technical issues.

Our main areas of work are:

  • Data visualisation and data mining for sport and exercise.
  • Dynamic statistics dashboards for team sports.
  • Tracking, performance analysis and physical activity monitoring using electronic tags.
  • Development of new methods for objective data on human performance.

Successful collaborators cite a number of benefits to a company of industrial engagements with Sportsviz.

The interaction with Sportsviz as a commercial arm of Swansea University provides a structure and reason for frequent interaction between all the parties allowing mutual understanding to develop. The research end products themselves may have commercial value. The Laboratory can then become a strategic asset, building expertise in a relevant field to the customer and becoming a source of ideas and people.

Working together to produce effective solutions

With our combined expertise in providing data analytics services to users within the fields of sports and exercise, SportsViz is a well established and crucially positioned research partner. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.