Analysis Apps

SportsViz has a talented team of App developers working with Apple iOS, Android and Windows. We develop our own applications for download, where we try and offer low cost but also highly useful tools for analysts and athletes. Take a look at our Coder-Pro, Class Manager and Video Syllabus applications on the Apple store.

If you really like our apps we can also customise them to your organisations needs or even develop solutions just for your. We do this in a variety of ways ranging from one-off pricing for software development through to revenue share models. We always seek to find a way to produce solutions that meet our customer needs and situation.

So if you have an idea for a solution and would like a flexible partner to make this a reality, feel free to drop us a line and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities.

Bespoke Software Development

Although our team enjoy developing simple and powerful tools to make data analysis more accessible and easier to use, our passion is for getting our teeth into really complex problems that can make a huge difference to our customers. One of our major clients are the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU), who we have been working with on an almost daily basis for the past 10 years. This has resulted in the development of the “Stats dashboard”, which visualises all their match, team and individual athlete data into one powerful solution. This software gives the coaching team real-time information both during a match and through the post-match analysis, in a format that is fully customised to their coaching needs. Both the “Stats dashboard” and our “Teamroom” solution platforms are used by the Ospreys, Cardiff Blues, Scarlets and Dragons rugby regions as well as the last two British and Irish Lions Tours.

The strength of this application has not only been its visually rich environment, but also the capability to rapidly (within a few days) change and create features as their analysis needs change and evolve. SportsViz takes great pride not only in our world class programming skills, but moreover in our ability to work seamlessly with our clients, to fully understand their needs and wants, and then to respond with a rapid turnaround of the solution needed.

Do you need an App or a full blown software solution?

Please feel free to drop us a line. We are always happy to discuss new ideas and we will give you a no nonsense, realistically priced and time-framed quotation to take your idea from concept to reality.

Apps for Download

Simple solutions that solve complex problems…

In addition to bespoke software development, SportsViz is always keen to provide simple, effective and low cost “Apps” for mobiles or tablets, to help analysts and coaches do their job that little bit easier. Below are examples of software tools that we have made available on the Apple store. We can also provide custom App development at relatively low cost or even for free, where we can agree a suitable profit sharing model. If you have an idea for an App or would like to customise one of our existing Apps to your requirements, please feel free to get in touch. Our App development is available for Apple, Android and Windows platforms.

The SportViz CoderPro – a pocket-sized tool for easy analysis…

Coder by SportsViz allows you to easily ‘tag’ events anywhere in real-time using your iOS device.

It is designed to be used by Sports coaches and performance analysts who wish to document the events of a match or training session to be used later in notational analysis.

Coder allows you to create customised coding ‘templates’ to suit your application area and can therefore be adapted to any sport or to other non-sport applications where events need to be documented. The interface for creating templates is simple and quick, Events or Descriptors can be added to a template and customised using familiar gestures such as ‘pinch’ to change the size and ‘long press’ to delete. Lead and Lag times can be added to events for maximum flexibility.

Once a coding session is completed, Coder outputs an XML file containing all of the events along with their associated descriptors and a time-stamp. This XML file can be viewed in Coder, saved on the device for later use, or emailed directly to your computer for use with other notational analysis software.

Better Batting – a video syllabus to improve your cricket batting skills…

Better Batting by SportsViz gives the aspiring batsman the chance to improve their game using a series of coaching videos made with the aid of a fully qualified Cricket coach.

The coach will first describe the techniques involved in the upcoming video, and these techniques will then be demonstrated at full speed and in slow motion.

Topics covered include:

  • Judging Length.
  • Back Foot Shots.
  • Footwork Drills.
  • Front Foot Attacking Shots.
  • Front Foot Defensive Shots.
  • Grip, Stance, Backswing and Step.
  • Horizontal Bat Shots.
  • Playing Against Spin.

Traditional Tang Soo Do – a complete video syllabus to black belt for this challenging form of Korean Karate…

The SportsViz Tang Soo Do Video Syllabus iOS App contains the official video syllabus of the Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation, as demonstrated by Master’s John Trudgill and Scott Richards.

  • Introduction to Tang Soo Do.
  • Basic Forms 1, 2 and 3.
  • Chil Sung E and Ill Ro.
  • Pyung Ahn Cho Dan Rotation.
  • Pyung Ahn E Dan Rotation.
  • Pyung Ahn O Dan Rotation.
  • Pyung Ahn Sa Dan Rotation.
  • Pyung Ahn Sam Dan Rotation.
  • Red Belt 1st Gup Syllabus.
  • Red Belt 2nd Gup Syllabus.
  • Red Belt 3rd Gup Syllabus.
  • Weapons.
  • White Belt (10th Gup) Test Syllabus.
  • Yellow Belt (9th Gup) Test Syllabus.